Environmental Education and Biodiversity Exhibitions for Schools in Hong Kong

Environmental Education and Biodiversity Exhibitions for Schools in Hong Kong

Introduction to the project:

This is an educational initiative started in 2011 by the Grateful Green Group, an NGO based in Hong Kong for environmental education, together with Director John Liu’s Environmental Education Media Project.  The purpose is to raise the ecological awareness of students in Hong Kong, China by the power of digital images in biodiversity conservation with particular reference to the importance of ecological restoration and protection of wildlife.    By organizing biodiversity exhibitions, road shows in schools and other venues, film shows, for example, “Lessons from the Loess Plateau” in the Chinese Foundation Secondary School, “Hope in a Changing Climate” in Wong Shiu Chee Secondary School, “Waking the Green Tiger” at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), on-the-spot Skype dialogue between the audience and the film directors at Maryknoll Convent School, Club O and CUHK, we have served as a facilitator to promote biodiversity conservation and environmental restoration.

In addition we have created two mobile learning apps “CU Trees” and “CU Birds” for students and teachers to learn about the biodiversity of Hong Kong.  People all over Hong Kong and China can download the apps from Apple Store and Google Play free of charge.   The “CU Trees” features 200 species of flora, and the “CU Birds”, 50 species of birds commonly seen in Hong Kong.  There are photos of them with short descriptions and VO in Chinese and English texts.  Besides, there are sounds of the birds that match stunning photos of the birds and users can try to match the sound and photo in a matching game.  Plans are underway for the Grateful Green Group to work with NGOs in wildlife photography and nature reserves in China to produce more interesting apps to promote the cause of wildlife conservation.


Our NGO is based in Hong Kong and is a working partner of EEMP and Lee Woo Sing College, CUHK.   Visit our Facebook page and website.

Why is this important?

Our efforts on restoration awareness and biodiversity conservation film shows and exhibitions are important because the consequences of habitat destruction and species extinction are threatening the survival of all life on earth including humanity.  Human activities such as sprawling urbanization, poaching, smuggled ivory, obsession with wildlife “bush meat”, slash-and-burn agricultural practices, free-ranging livestock in protected areas, effects of carbon emission and global warming are going from bad to worse.  People must be awakened to the alarming trend of habitat loss and monoculture against biodiversity.  That must be stopped and reversed.   Education of the younger generation is the best tool against ignorance and collective destructive behaviour.   The harmful smog in Singapore and Kuala Lumpar (June 2013) and the rising API over the years in Hong Kong speaks volume for change.  That is why our collective efforts on restoration projects are important.


Projects on the ground:

We organize biodiversity exhibitions, film shows, talks, and seminars for schools on request (see attached booking form and photos).  All schools and NGOs in Hong Kong are welcome.

Want to get involved?

All are welcome to pitch in to spread the message.   All welcome to our film shows, exhibitions, and talks on biodiversity conservation, saving the elephant, and ecological restoration.  We also welcome help of volunteers from time to time.  People can get involved through our Facebook and contact e-mail.

Schools can book our biodiversity road shows, film shows and talks, and roving exhibitions at a non-profit cost.  We accept donations to help with the good cause of environmental education.


It would be nice to have some financial contribution to cover part of our cost in staging the exhibitions, talks, and workshops.

Contact George Jor at georgejor@cuhk.edu.hk