We at the EEMP are happy for you to use our materials!

Take a look at the Allversity Course. This course, made up of materials compiled by the EEMP in a series called “What if we Change”, will teach students the difference between functional and dysfunctional ecosystems. As well as this, students will be exposed to the major environmental problems caused by humans across the world. This course will serve as a reminder that there are environmental consequences to all our actions and without change, we could get devastating consequences.

Take a look at the Open University course here.

Contact Patrick Augenstein at augenstein@eempc.org if you’d like to screen one of our films. We would like to get feedback as to what people think about our films and who is using our films to help spread the message of the impact of ecosystem restoration.

Have a look at our Science & Development page where you will find a series of reports, studies, databases and newsletters, all focused on ecological restoration.

We provide HD materials to broadcasters – we can be approached to receive the materials in various languages. Hope in a Changing Climate, for example, has been translated into a number of languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Chinese. Please contact Patrick Augenstein (augenstein@eempc.org) if you’d like to receive a copy of a script or help us narrate our films into other languages.

Hope in a Changing Climate is available here to watch with English, German, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles:


EEMP helped to publish a number of EARTHSCAN books as Chinese editions for China, one of the world largest publishers for environmental publications. Many of them have been translated into Chinese or Korean as well. Click here for more information.

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