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Latest screening of ‘Hope in a Changing Climate‘ at the Pueblo Library in the United States.

Read about Justinian’s Travels for Filming for the EEMP in India, China and the U.S here.

Join in and help design ‘Research, Training and Innovation Centres’ here to serve large-scale ecosystem restoration worldwide.

Watch ‘Green Gold’ and join the debate here.

Watch a new film by Craig Macintosh “Geoff Lawton’s Zaytuna Farm Video Tour – Part II, a close partner of EEMP.

Watch a new film ‘Towards Permaculture Centres Worldwide’ from the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia. Learn about natural buildings, cattle laneways, and how to keep goats parasite free. Geoff Lawton explains the entire plant nursery process at Zaytuna Farm, from seeds and potting through to actually planting a tree. You’ll see food forests at various stages of development, a new purpose-built fish pond that will soon be in production and much more.

Learn about a new conservation effort based in the Netherlands called ‘Rewilding Europe‘. Download their pdf of the first year’s activities here.

Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary: The EEMP is making a film about the Sanctuary’s work. John D. Liu and Justinian Dispenza visited the Sanctuary in May 2013. Learn more at Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary.

The Ecosystem Return Foundation is a recently established non-profit organisation created by the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management, the Rotterdam School of Management and ‘Groasis – Green Technology’. The Foundation’s goal is to scale up the restoration of ecosystems by matching local projects investors, companies and business schools to create new restoration partnerships. The EEMP is working with the Foundation. Find on their website features a five minute clip from ‘Hope in a Changing Climate’. For more information about EEMP’s work with Ecosystem Return, see our page Ecosystem Return Foundation.

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