Earth’s Hope – The Restoration of all Spheres

The oceanosphere, atmosphere and biosphere co-evolved over billions of years in order to create the narrow range of living conditions that all life forms need to survive. Life as we know it only flourishes within very specific boundaries and due to a delicate balance between them. The balance has been massively altered by humans since the onset of the Industrial Revolution. Be it the chemical composition of the atmosphere, the richness of the oceanosphere or the health of the biosphere; all spheres have been subject to massive impacts cause by us, and within a very short period of time.

John D. Liu, renowned cameraman and ecologist, has dedicated his life to investigating into how this life-granting balance can be restored all across the planet. We will journey around the globe with him, searching for the principles that allow us to bring back fundamental ecological functions to places that have been degraded or destroyed.

As we investigate at the most severely damaged landscapes, astonishing links start to surface between poverty, ecology, and the economy. A nexus emerges that shapes and alters fundamental conditions within all life-supporting spheres on this planet. What kind of awareness and knowledge will enable us to revitalize the ocean, rehabilitate the biosphere, and rebalance our atmosphere? How do we regain a dynamic equilibrium between all spheres? How can all life flourish within them and continue earth’s evolutionary cycles?

John D. Liu presents his conclusions after 20 years of thorough investigation and close observation in more than 80 countries across the globe. Equipped with a deep ecological understanding, he challenges the mainstream cultural bias of endless growth and consumption and its underlying economic model that benefits the few, leaving a billion people without clean water, sufficient food and fertile land. He moves beyond a description of dysfunction and criticism towards a pathway that shows a new paradigm of higher understanding where real value is attributed to our earth’s systems and the spheres that shelter all life: Large-scale ecosystem restoration can rebalance all global spheres.

From this deeper ecological insight into the interconnectedness of all spheres and the practice-proven findings that it is possible to restore and revitalize them emerges one clear appeal for our time: Let us start The Age of Restoration.

A trailer-cut of this film will be a fundraising tool for a full-size production at 2.5 million USD $ on the potential of ecosystem restoration on a planetary scale, including re-filming, aerial shots, high-speed imagery, and a 12 month production period in 2013/2014 (title: Falling in Love with the Earth).

The goal is to produce a documentary with global theatrical release and to create the necessary media-momentum to launch the” Visual Ecological Database (VEDA)” at the end of 2014.

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