The EEMP works with a wide variety of people. We are privileged to have such tremendous support. We are always welcoming new people, so contact Patrick Augenstein ( if you’d like to join us.


John D. Liu, Director of the EEMP, Senior Research Fellow, IUCN and Visiting Fellow with the Critical Zone Hydrology Group, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences at the Vrije University Amsterdam
Linda Sills, Legal Representative of the EEMP in California and Director of the Global Issues Network (GIN)
Kosima Weber Liu, co-founder of the EEMP
Patrick Augenstein, Director of Research at the EEMP
Charling Tao, Professor of Astrophysics at Beijing University, Advisor to the EEMP
Gabrielle Harris, Executive Director of PlaNet Finance, Advisor to the EEMP
Roy Sagnik, EEMP Board Member

Supporters & Volunteers

John with Dr. Jane G#10681F

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