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John D Liu features in a new article in the Christian Science Monitor (published on 13 September 2013) as a Difference Maker – read the article here.

John D. Liu has been profiled by Truth Atlas, read more here – Inspiring People to Save Earth’s Ecosystems.

The Save Our Soils campaign, which has the full support of the EEMP, now has more than 50 international partners (including the Soil Association, Rodale Institute and large German organisations such as Bioland). The first actual product placing soil on the agenda for consumers, the Soilmate, is now being sold in health food stores in Germany and the Netherlands. It will soon be available in the UK, Austria and other European countries! In Germany the campaign was launched with TV-Chef Sarah Wiener, reaching an estimated 25 million readers/website visitors. Visit for more information.

Follow John D. Liu’s blog on the IUCN’s What if We Change site.

Thanks to Winter Herbs, The Rights of Nature, for supporting our work.

Read The Wonder and Hope for Ecological Restoration.

Thoughts on Vocational Training Centres for Ecological Restoration.

A view on John’s work and Green Gold by Joshua Finch, Daily Kos

Making an Edible Garden Oasis in the City – spotlight on Jonathan Bates’ exciting project.


Article by Rhamis Kent, Thinking Out Loud: Rentier Capitalism and Permaculture: A few Observations.

Finding Sustainability in Ecosystem Restoration, Kosmos magazine, 2011.


ABC Australia, 2012

Lessons of the Loess, The New York Times, 2009

BBC World Service, 2009


A Filmmaker’s Take on China, Part One, China Dialogue, 2008

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