Established: 1999

EEMP helped to publish a number of EARTHSCAN books, one of the world largest publishers for environmental publications. Many of them have been translated into Chinese or Korean as well.

EEMP in collaboration with Earthscan, China Science Press and Popular Science Press

  • Children’s Participation by Roger Hart
  • Community Planning Handbook by Nick Wate
  • Desert Witness: Images of Environmental Degredation in China’s Northwest – by Lu Tongjjing
  • Media Matters: Perspectives on Advancing Governance & Development form the Global Forum for Media Development by (Internews Publications) Mark Harvey
  • No-Till Farming Systems by T. Goddard, M. Zoebisch, Y. Gan, W. Ellis, A.Watson, S. Sambatpanit
  • My Life with the Chimpanzees by Jane Goodall
  • Smog Alert: Managing Urban Air Quality by Derek Elsom
  • Sustainable Forestry Handbook by Ruth Nussbaum, James Mayers, Neil Judd, Sophie Higman and Stephen Bass
  • The Water Crisis: Constructing Solutions to Freshwater Pollution by Julie Stauffer
  • Transforming Electricity by Walt Patterson

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